Center for Neighborhood Leadership is comprised of community-driven projects led by organizers and community members, who identify priorities and solutions to social justice, community development, and public policy issues in their neighborhoods and schools.  Each project has the freedom to strategize and implement their vision of an interrelated, just, and equal community.


IGNITE is a student­-led movement that trains, supports, and mobilizes students of color in order to build high school teams and community coalitions that advocate for student identified solutions that interrupt the school­-to­-prison pipeline by reinvesting in public education.


Engaging women of color as leaders that create self-reliant and sustainable alternative justice solutions in order to dismantle institutional biases and funding mechanisms that promote the predatory criminal justice system.


ALAS mission is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful lifelong learners and future community leaders.


Mission is to empower the undocumented community to reach attainable opportunities through self advocacy, networking, new media, and life after relief.