Valdez: Ducey and the boys hate local control |

14 January 2016
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Republican Gov. Doug Ducey put the weight of his office behind the continued betrayal of an old Republican idea.

No. I’m not talking about independent thinking.

I’m talking about the betrayal of the conservative idea of local control.

Ducey’s attack was so blatant he felt the need to deny that’s what he’s doing.

In his State of the State message, Ducey raised a club over Arizona cities with a threat to withhold state revenue sharing dollars from cities that dare to pass what he calls “trendy, feel-good policies.”

He took particular aim at Phoenix’s restrictions on using Uber or Lyft from Sky Harbor International Airport. But the reference to “employment laws” encompasses local minimum wage and mandatory paid time off, as well as non-discrimination measures.

Tempe and Tucson are looking at mandating paid time off for illness.

Flagstaff, Tucson, Tempe and Phoenix have anti-discrimination measures that protect gay and transgender people, and other cities are considering such measures.

Flagstaff has been considering mandating a higher minimum wage.

Cities are leading the state (and that makes the mastodons nervous)


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